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Home solar systems with solar inverter, battery and solar panel

Solar Home Systems with solar inverter, battery and solar panel 

Solar Home System Kit : 

*  Inverter and controller integrated machine  X 1 PCS  (SIZE: 295*210*125mm  ) 

*  12V / 100AH Battery  x 8 PCS  ( SIZE:327X172X221MM) 

*   Solar Panel : 18V / 100W  (SIZE: 1190X540X27MM) 

1. How do I choose a system?

1. You need to choose the appropriate power generation system according to your own power usage and power consumption. If you use 2 kWh per day, choose a 2 kWh power generation system.

2. Calculate the maximum power that can be turned on at the same time in the home appliance. If it is 1300W, use the 1500w power generation system.

2. Why are the inputs and outputs different?

Input: The input of solar photovoltaic panels is only related to the amount of electricity generated per day, and has nothing to do with others.

Output: refers to the maximum power that can start the home appliance.

Can I use air conditioning?

Both air conditioners and refrigerators have compressors, which are inductive loads. Generally, the instantaneous starting power of inductive loads is 3-7 times of rated power. If you want to start 1 air conditioner, you need to select more than 3000W power generation system and 1.5 air conditioners. A power generation system of more than 5000W is required, and so on.